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Yep.. that's i degrees Fahrenheit. Mr. Benjamin is a little toaster oven tonight. When he woke up from his nap this afternoon, he had one pink cheek. That's never good. We were down at my sister's house in CT. The original plan was to get the kids' pictures taken this afternoon, but that plan bit the dust when Ben started looking .. well.. pink... and snotty.

After a hit of Motrin.. he was back on his game and we had a nice day playing with his cousins before heading back home. We almost made it.

We go to Natick on the Mass Pike before seeing that Ben's fever was jumping up. We got to the rest stop and got him his next hit of Motrin and his seizure meds before continuing on our way home. The 103.4 temp is an hour AFTER the Motrin.. that doesn't bode well for tonight.

That's all you're going to get from me tonight because my wireless keyboard's battery is low and it skips every other letter that I type..

This is wat t would look ike it I didn't edit absolutely every line of what I type.

Anywho.. Shiela is sick too.. so wish us luck!


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