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Oh, the irony..

There is a fine balance between sanity and gnawing on a checker piece (only the red ones) when it comes to blogging. Particle man, particle man.. "is it a dot, or is it a speck" Seriously.. what is ok to write about and how much detail should one share when everyone you know reads your blog?

I had an awesome conversation a few minutes ago with someone who is close to me. The funniest thing EVER happened to her today.. abso-friggin-lutely HYSTERICAL! The conversation started with "you can't blog this..."

doh! just when I had a juicy story.. sheesh!


  1. Snickollet said...
    Missed you for cake yesterday!

    And now I'm dying to know this story you can't share . . .

    Also, love the TMBG reference.
    What A Card said...
    I second have to tell! Oh dear, I'll never know, will I?

    And I'm also digging the TMBG reference. I got their kid's music CD, which of course my boys hate for some reason. They already have sucky taste in music :)
    S said...
    I am sure nobody missed anything

    I could be wrong but that never really actually happens

    hmmmm wink grin


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