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Ok.. I love THIS website.

It's called (this is sand dot com). It's like those little jars of sand that we used to make in grade school.. but it's on the computer. Check out the Gallery for some examples.

I also realized that I forgot to include a link to Giovanna Diaries in my last post.. So much for discipline.. how am I supposed to keep up with a blog posting a day for NaBloPoMo if I can't even remember to add a link.. wait.. what.. look at the pretty butterfly..

don't ask.. my train of thought is sloshing through ditch water while being laughed at by troublesome trucks. If you don't get that.. go read a Thomas book.. :)


  1. Giovanna Diaries said...
    Yeah, you're soooo gonna suck at NABLAPOMO ....whatever!
    Is this profile pix better. I still don't like it.
    misstj said...
    ha ha.... troublesome trucks, here i come!

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