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I absolutely love parenting blogs. When I stumble onto a new blog that catches my eye, I almost always look over that blog's links to other blogs. I keep a few blogrolls going -- I have my list of RSS feeds in Google Reader, then there are my Firefox "bookmarks" and of course, the blogs that I actually put a hard link to from my main site. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites finds.

Notes from the Trenches - Like the Wizard of Oz I've been reading this blog for quite a while now. Partially because the writer is also an awesome photographer. I'm jealous of her talent and her equipment. :)

Classy Chaos - The Country Club for New Moms This blogger mom cracks me up. All I can think about with this post is the local indoor "play gym" where the cliques of mothers are quite clear.. it's like the Cafeteria in High School all over again!

Classy Chaos - It's ok to legally change your kid's name This mom gets two links. I "nosed" my Diet Coke when I was reading this because a laugh caught me off guard.

The Busy Dad Blog - My NYC Trip. Mad Libs Style. This dad describes his own blog as "a look at parenting through testosterone-tinted beer goggles." FUNNY!

Luke, I Am Your Father - "Looks Like We Have a Jumper" This guy gets points for the name of his blog! The post about his son jumping off the couch is one we can all relate to.. :)


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