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Ok kids.. it's Happy Marriage week here at TMAAB..

I rarely write about the fact that I'm "happy" and that I'm in a "happy" marriage. It's a tough topic because emotions are SO charged on both sides of the "debate". So why, you ask, am I writing about it?


I am gay. I am legally married in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to my partner of 8 years and wife of 3 years (as of tomorrow).

This blog posting will not be a doctoral thesis on the pros and cons of gay marriage. We all have access to the internet and can read about it ourselves. My only request is that if you google one side.. try googling the other as well. You may not find information that you agree with, but at least you'll be exposed to the whole picture.

The following video clip is from an Ellen show earlier this year where she talks with McCain about the issue of gay marriage in California (and in general). I find it amazing how you can actually FEEL the tension. Ellen is my hero.. not because she's "happy".. but because she's friggin hysterical and can make us laugh about even the toughest topics.

To be fair, I should note that both Presidential candidates, Barrack Obama and John McCain are on record for believing that "marriage" should be between a man and a woman. I don't believe either of them for a minute -- their responses to this question are so scripted and seemingly insincere that I just don't think we truly know what either candidate supports or does not support. We do know how each candidate and party has supported civil rights historically.

[Edited to add: Looking back at this posting a few hours later.. I realize that I never mention what triggered the topic of thought for that moment. I received an email from MassEquality with a link to the following video:

I remember being terrified that the initiative to change the constitution in MA would result in us having to be subjected to all of the negative advertising that surrounds such a campaign in any election, let alone a presidential election year. I feel so badly for the families in California that have to explain to their children what these ads mean and why there are commercials on TV saying that their family is "wrong".

Here is a CSA that Ellen put out on the subject:


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  1. Anonymous said...
    ct has passed a ruling that gays can now be married. three states down and more to follow! love

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