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  1. Anonymous said...
    only in red socks nation!!!what an win! wait til ben is older and wants to stay up late on a school nite! love y'all
    What A Card said...
    I just watched this with B-man, and he said, "Baseball ones are boring". Sorry, I couldn't agree more! I thought there was going to be something exciting in this video, like fans gone wild or something.

    Oh dear, I'm not going to be allowed to leave the house for the rest of the baseball season, am I, for fear of some deranged fan taking umbrage to my complete disinterest in the sport. :)
    misstj said...
    they won?! i turned off the game in the 7th cause i figured it was a lost cause! i stopped watching post-season when the cubs kicked it.... i'll have to pay attention now!

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