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Hi all.. I talked my sister into writing a post.. yay! Here goes!...

(btw.. our mom will be SO proud!)


On Saturday, Jen asked me if I wanted to be a….”guest speaker” on her blog. At first it made me laugh…then I got to thinking about it- and figured- ok why not?

Fast forward to today (Sunday) 8:30am. I am sitting in my truck waiting for my son’s 9:35am hockey game to begin. Sipping my coffee watching the clock…..what to do- I have an HOUR to kill- I already played with my cell phone (clearly it’s WAY too early to call anyone (Jen A- you are welcome)).

So back to what to do….. I could:

A. clean my truck (freaking disaster)

B. think about what I could write for this guest speaker spot (the pressure…..)

C. clean my truck (disgusting)

The truck has been a mess for months….that’s boring- here goes………

Where to start. My sister (Jen) is the writer- if you are looking for grammatically correct writing that flows and makes sense….well you might just be a bit disappointed. I am usually all over the place (ask those closest to me- they will agree). My mom used to say as a child I would flit from one thing to the next (leaving a trail behind me I am sure). I hate to admit it but that really hasn’t changed 30 (ish) years later. I will have a stream of thought and smack in the middle of it something will distract me and then I am off in a different direction. It’s kind of the “ooohhh look pretty butterfly” concept (wave helloooo, where are you???). Yes that’s me. Good luck following me. It’s probably a case of attention deficit disorder that wasn’t diagnosed and that I never grew out of.

My mom also used to say I run (ran past tense) like a gazelle…..lucky for me no one ever got that on tape.




I love my coffee- dunkindonutstoastedalmondcreamandsugar. Yes- I know….you should see me order iced coffee in the summer:


Usually the person behind the counter- If they are new gets this sort of glazed look on their face----“huh”??? What you didn’t get that? And then I WONDER how THEY could FORGET to MELT the SUGAR???? I mean how hard is it really – put sugar in (BEFORE ICE) put a little hot coffee in swish- add ice, cream, more cold coffee….tip upside down a couple of times and voila….perfect (usually). If the person behind the counter is…seasoned…. they are making it as the words are coming out of my mouth. If they are a PRO- and believe me…those are few and far between…..she (b/c there is only one person) is making it when she sees me walk through the door.

I took my 14 year old cat to the vet on Friday night. He is a fearless hunter- likes to kill birds, chipmunks (disgusting), countless mice, frogs (that was a treat- ask my 8.5 year old son). I figure he should be treated for worms… PLUS he’s having ISSUES with TICKS lately. I am about to lose my mind over that. That’s another story… so I get him there and find out that the last time I had him to see that vet was in (gulp- Jen look away) 2001. WHAT? Really? Yes…he looks GREAT for his age- he carries his weight very well (still overweight lol) for his age AND his teeth look great- b/c of all of the killing he’s been doing. (you must be kidding).

Well- the reason I am talking about this is because we saw the cutest kitten there. I took a video of Adam holding her. She is a doll….and I cannot get her out of my mind. So yes….I’m kicking around getting one. Because I don’t have enough going on right now. But she’d be SO cute curled up next to me…

[Video clip coming soon.. for some reason the email exchange managed to flub that one.. whoops.. trust me.. the kitty was cute.. I think that they should adopt her.. -Jen]

Ok- so a couple of things- there is blog etiquette right? Have an idea- one focused topic and write….and clearly I have issues with that. You should see me at work- I manage email all day- by noon I have 45 opened, partially answered emails, throw in some meetings , phone calls and by the end of the day I wonder why I have not accomplished anything.

OH- it’s 9:30am….and I gotta go in to his game.


  1. Anonymous said...
    hey beck!! you write very well too- both girls can give up their day jobs! and yes i'm ssoooo PROUD!!!!!! oh btw the skipping from one subject to another is definitly a dibiase thing. you've been listening to me 30ish years!! kitten? what color? clean teeth b/c of killing things? snowball only kills spiders-- does that count? about cleaning your truck-- you once told me that you dust off the inside when you are stopped at a red lite-- why not keep trash bags in truck for same reason-- only don't do it at an intersection!! the gazelle running was great to watch- but i had to be firm with insisting that you not do it(gazelle running) over at jen t. house-across the stream and thru the woods in the back yard- after you twisted your ankle.. dr. werner reminded me that it was a good thing that you were outside running around and not to worry so much!!-- the coffee thing is not to worry about either --just try to order anything here in shelbyville ky and they look at you as if you have two head lol
    Jen said...
    that anonymous post was our mom.. you wonder wear we get our rambling talent from!
    Giovanna Diaries said...
    FYI: Jen rarely has grammatically correct and smooth flowing sentences! HAHA! :)
    She hearts me...I can get away w/that.
    Fun post! Makes you want to start a blog now, doesn't it?
    And Jen....I soooo couldn't figure out that the anon post was your mom. I'm surprise you could! :)
    I'm just a sarcastic wench today.
    Ahhh, there's always tomorrow.
    Anonymous said...
    love to you jen and hi to giovanna! i've had 60 years to perfect my rambling talent and y'all love it!!! btw i wore my obama t-shit to kroggers (supermarket) yesterday being as brave as i can be (blue in a red state). i even didn't get nervous when my boston sweatshirt slide off my left shoulder. i was determined to let shelbyville natives know how i feel!! so after a few stars and no comments i took off the sweatshirt when i got to the car- hey i made it back home alive!!!! lol
    misstj said...
    hi mom! hi becky! y'all are funny!! and i can't even get over how grown-up ashley looks in the pic!!

    i think i'm gonna have to try your dunkin donuts order. i've been ticked at them ever since they took away the dunkachinno (sp?).....that was the best!

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