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[EDITED - Saturday night: I've taken some liberties and changed the rules again.. *chuckle* Check the end of the post btw.. thanks for all the entries guys.. awesome!]

It's October!! (well.. it HAS been October for a whole 10 days now..) This is my favorite month and marks both my wedding anniversary (on the 15th) and Halloween.. tack on the crisp weather and the foliage colors and I am one happy camper. To spread the joy, I've decided to hold a little contest. The winner (chosen by yours truly) will receive their choice of the following DVDs:

"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" (appropriate for kids of all ages and adults who aren't tough enough for a REAL scare)


"The Happening" (a REAL scare.. brand new on DVD as of this past Tuesday.. winner must promise to not allow kids to see this movie until they are at least in high school..)

OK. Now for the contest Rules. Submit a photograph (or two) showing either

1) a creepy place.
2) a cute kid (halloween theme).

Two sub-rules.. this Giveaway will only happen if I get at least 10 submissions (and they can't all be from you, WhataCard or Moo). I will choose the winning entry based on my mood next wednesday, October 15.. The third anniversary of "the two moms" (umm.. that would be us..)

Here are some examples:

1) Creepy Place - Scary House on Mass Ave in Lexington.

This is a front view of the house.. "curb appeal" isn't what comes to mind.

This is a view from the driveway. No word on whether the house is occupied or not. There are vehicles in the driveway, but they are older than I am and have collected about as much dust. The windows are not boarded up, but they all do have a heavy curtain covering on the inside blocking out any and all view of the inside. Creapy!

and now...

2) Cute Kid (Halloween Theme)

Here is a picture of Ben helping to carve his first pumpkin last year.

EDITED: Giovanna picked up on a glitch with my plan. Ok.. so email it will have to be. All submissions should be emailed to me at jmhinckley at gmail dot com. I will post all submissions prior to selecting the winner.

EDITED AGAIN: Ok.. at the suggestion of WhataCard and some other new blog followers.. you can also post your entries on YOUR blog and leave a link to your blog in a comment to this posting. Does that make sense? ALSO.. you can enter more than once. I've gotten enough response so far to be impressed with myself.. and to be impressed with all of you guys.. I will add a post on the 15th (the day the contest ends) that will include some of my fav's and links to their owners blog (if they have one).. I've also decided to give each entry that makes me laugh (or scream) a number.. on the 15th, I will have my almost-22-month-old son type a number on my cell phone.. good luck!


  1. Giovanna Diaries said...
    Ok....I'm assuming I email you these pix? Yes? Well, good thing I know your email...I don't know how to submit photos in a comment!
    Ok...of to rummage through some pix!
    moo said...
    WHAT?!?! You mean I don't just AUTAOMATICALLY win? I call shenanighans!
    What A Card said...
    Dude, you could have bloggers just post the pictures on their own blog and then link to yours. It drives traffic your way, and gets more people to know about your giveaway! Only non-bloggers who wanted to enter would have to email you!
    What A Card said...
    And hey, I'm with Moo...I can't just enter 10 times?
    betty R. said...
    oh i am so into this contest!I do like halloween and i love scary movies and i do so love the kids dressed at halloween! ;)
    i have you added to my blog here as well.
    i am emailing you..can we enter more than once ,like maybe at least twice.1 scary pic and i kid pic????

    thanks for this cool contest...


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