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This little tidbit about myself may seem surprising.. at least to those of you who don't completely grasp what a dork I am (and obviously always have been)..

Remember this?

For the first four seasons, i taped every episode of 90210. Not only did I tape them, but I editted out all of the commercials. For you kids, back in my day, tivo was something you drank with a scone and you recorded television on these huge plastic things called "tapes". The artform came with learning how a broadcasting station linked the show to the commercials so that you could hover over the pause button and seamlessly cut the commercials from each episode. This is a labor of love.

As the years went by, my interest in the show faded a bit. I was never a fan of the post high school years, although there will always be a special place in my heart for luke perry and of course.. jennie garth.

On Tuesday of this week, the NEW 90210 on The CW (for those of you not in the know.. this is a rockin channel that used to be "The WB" but they wanted to confuse us by changing the letters up on us.. if memory serves, the original 90210 was out way before The WB's days (ahh.. dawson's creek).. I believe it was originally on Fox. ANYWAY.. here is the trailor to the new show:

Shiela, Ben and I watched the premiere. Shall I say.. it was marvelous! It was just as cheesy and campy as the original and I loved every minute of it! (at least when I wasn't feeling really really sick.. but that's another story) While watching the antics of the high school crowd was enough to convince us to home school Ben, I found myself completely drawn to the older crowd.

Seriously.. was Jennie Garth always that hot? I now have a total girl crush on her. I was WAY more interested in her story with her son and the cute literature teacher than I was with the punk kids that all needed to be grounded for life.

Here is "THE SCENE".. the first time Jennie and Shannon (we're on a first name basis.. after all, we've known each other for like 15+ years).. anyway.. the first time they have played their "Kelly and Brenda" roles since they fought over Luke Perry and ended up saying really bad things to one another and holding an uber-grudge over the whole ordeal. Seriously.. Jennie Garth is friggin hot.

Now what am I going to do until next Tuesday?


  1. Giovanna Diaries said...
    Ahhh! We will have to have 90210 parties! Finally! Someone else who is as cheesy as me!
    Snickollet said...
    Oh, oh,oh! Can we watch together? I LOVE 90210, but I forgot to watch the premiere this week. Maybe I can find it online.

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