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Thanks to my good ol' pal WhataCard, I just received my very first blog award. Here it is.. in all it's glory.. the BFF Gold Card Award. Thank you WAC!

Here are the rules:

Rules: You may choose 5 awardees

Choose 4 faithful readers of your blog.

1 should be someone new or someone far away.

So without further bling... here are my choices:

#1 - The Kappel Family - This mom and I go way back to our college days a few decades ago. Her blog is a great combination of family updates and nose-your-pop funny stories (often one in the same as the family updates). Hey hick.. note that I said "pop" instead of "soda".. that was for you mid-western folk!

#2 - Moo's Moo - This mom cracks me up and not only is a regular reader of my blog (i.e. an instant BFF blogger).. but also is uninhibited enough to share that she peed in a subway cup over the weekend. Now THAT is happenin' blog content!

#3 - Amazing Trips - This mom of 4 started out as a message board friend and morphed into a blogger friend. She conceived her triplets while I was trying for my first.. ironically, she posted about her experiences in the NICU with the three babies JUST a week or so before Ben made his arrival 4+ weeks early. While our experience couldn't compare to her time with her children in the NICU.. having just read her blog, I was much more at ease with the NICU as I made myself at home there for Ben's short stay. I knew what to expect because she spent a HUGE chunk of time to share every detail of her stay. I'm still so very thankful for that. Now.. she has a fourth child to even out the mix.. and I'm in awe of her and her husband's sanity.

#4 - Mochimochi - Ok.. so this is totally unrelated and just shows that i'm well rounded.. or something.

#5 - Life at Number 14 - This is a blog that I've just started reading. This mom stumbled on my blog quite by accident, but that link led me to her blog which is flippin hysterical. I look forward to hearing an update about the pink nipple cream.

Congrats to you all.. don't party too hard..

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  1. What A Card said...
    Oh yay, I'm glad you played along :) You deserve it...revel in all the bloggy-award goodness!

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