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"digital natives". That's what academia is calling the generation of children who have grown up with all of the digital gadgets that we have now.. cell phones, computers, digital cameras, ipods.. my 20 month old even knows how to turn on Guitar Hero for the Wii. I am serious.

Anyway.. this morning, Ben and Shiela went to the Library. Here is a picture that she sent me as they headed out. The picture was taken with her cell phone.. txt'd to me.. and i forwarded it to my online flickr account and then linked it to my blog. How's that for fancy. Here's the pic of our little guy.


  1. Giovanna Diaries said...
    You're soooo my husband!
    You read the same stuff my husband stuff. I knew I liked you!
    He read me parts of that article the other day. I didn't like the term "digital natives". B/c natives to me means you come from somewhere. I preferred Digitration.
    Digital + generation.
    So how did you like episode 2 of 90210?
    June said...
    Jenn: I love the photos of my 'angel boy'! Keep 'em coming. Also, I enjoy reading Snickollet's that I know who she is. Give her a big hello from me.
    Anonymous said...
    what a handsome man! I like the way he is waiting for Shiela to catch up. give him a hug for me. See y-all real soon love

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