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I have a new reader.. Melissa. Hi Melissa! I don't typically call out new readers because.. well.. that would make for a darned boring blog. The funny thing is that sometimes a commenter will get my attention and I'll check out their blog. It's how the blogging world turns, you see.

Well as it turns out, Melissa's blog is also called "two moms and a baby" although subtle differences can be found in that #1, she doesn't use caps in her header and I do and #2, she and her partner, Andrea are two different moms with an entirely different child (Ambrose.. LOVE the name, Melissa!). So all in all.. even though you might be duped into thinking that we're writing the same blog and that the content may be the same.. it's really like a Diet Coke versus Diet Pepsi sorta thing.

My solution to this challenge? I'll start reading their blog.

Maybe we have something here. I'm going to make a list of all the blogs that I read that are about two moms and a baby. I'm going to bet that all the moms are different and all the children are like snowflakes..

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  1. misstj said...
    yes, children are like snowflakes thank you very much! so what!?!?!??!

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