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As an aside.. I'm MORTIFIED that Will got voted off of So You Think You Can Dance (am I the only one who says the name of that show in the same Aussie-English accent that Cat uses?)

In other news.. I find it HYSTERICAL that some people are so clearly clueless about how the internet works. If you're going to surf blogs.. great.. if you're going to stalk blogs.. more power to ya.. but if you're going to post a negative comment.. you should be aware that it is VERY easy and quite common for a site admin to review LOTS of information about each and every one of the site's visitors. Not to skeeve ya out.. But I can tell lots of information about where you're from, what type of operating system you're using, what IP address and ISP you're using, how often you check the site, what your bank account number is (ok.. so that one is a stretch.. I'd have to do some hacking to figure that part out.. but given the volumes of info that I CAN track on you just for a click to my blog.. I could probably figure that out too..) So the moral of the story here is: If you are going to post a negative "anonymous" comment to my blog..don't use your home computer.. especially if you've established a history of visiting my blog. I pity-da-fool! I don't keep track of my visitor history above and beyond just checking my daily hit count (how many people visited my sit in a day).. and I'm aware that as this number grows.. a public blog is just that.. public. I just wanted to remind my readers that "anonymous" really isn't all that "anonymous" in todays internet world. Run in fear and delete your cookies, cookie-monster!


  1. moo said...
    What the heck? People are weird.


    I could talk about SYTYCD all day long. I knew Will wasn't going to win the whole thing (it seems obviously skewed to have a hip hop winner this year) but I'm REALLY surprised he went home before Mark.

    You're next, Courtney. Don't think I don't see you there.
    What A Card said...
    Hey, Moo, I love Courtney! I think you're right, though, although I wish it'd be Chelsie going...

    Who's messin' with you, Jen? People suck!
    Giovanna said...
    Ohhhh! Blog Drama! Why didn't you mention it last night?

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