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Ben has entered a new "phase".

He is a rocker..

a hacker..

a "gearhead"..

a builder..

Life with Benjamin definitely stays interesting. I can't say that there is ever a lull in the activity around the house when he's up and at 'em. He is interested in EVERYTHING. I have to get a photo of him playing Shiela's piano up here.. he will sit for the longest time gently playing and fidgeting with the settings.

He has a bit of a temper..

But he usually swings right from a scream into a deep chuckle. I'm not sure if that's a good thing.. *laff* The good news is that even when he's upset/frustrated/etc... he has a sense of humor that can pull a smile out of a knock on the noggin.

He LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine and is on a current kick of wanting to sit on our laps while we play Guitar Hero.. He will go get the guitar for us.. and the remote.. and then reach up to us because he wants in on the action. He will sit through several songs and will help us by pressing the orange button that seems to keep eluding us. (long story)

He has decided that he likes sleeping in our bed, which is new. He hadn't slept in our bed since he was an infant, and even then it was only for naps if we were right there. He slept between us when we'd visit my sister's house down in CT.. but even that stopped. He likes his crib. I have to say that he's the easiest kid I've ever witnessed at bedtime.. he just turns on his belly and "drives" a car or motorcycle back and forth a few times before putting his arms down and falling asleep. Last night and the night before.. he woke up several times during the night. This isn't the norm. Two nights ago, I brought him into our bed so he could drink some milk and we fell asleep before I brought him back. Shiela woke up and moved him back to his crib only to be woken up about 15 minutes later to a screaming baby. He came back in and spent the rest of the night snuggling between his moms. Well.. we knew we were in trouble. Last night the same thing happened. This morning.. he was WAY too comfortable. He woke up while Shiela was sitting next to him watching the TV on mute and rolled over so he could see the TV and chuckled. Lord help us.

We know what we're "supposed" to do.. but both of us are also of the opinion that if he needs to snuggle, then that's what he needs. I remember climbing into my mom's bed in the middle of the night quite often as a kid. Shiela wasn't allowed (I don't think) to sleep in her parents bed when she was scared and I think that might lend to why we still sleep with a light on. I just don't see the harm in it. Oh.. aside from the bruises that we both wake up with after being kicked a few dozen times and, like the first night.. having to wake each other up to move him because we're hanging off of our side of the bed. How one 26 pound child can take up a queen sized bed all by himself is beyond me. Oh wait.. he doesn't.. it's him and the two 15 pound cats! Shiela and I are going to start sleeping in his crib.. we'll have more room.


  1. moo said...
    He is so gorgeous! I know he'd have a BLAST playing with Gray ... too bad we don't live closer!

    And that tantrum picture of him howling in protest just made me giggle. That's wrong, isn't it? ;)
    misstj said...
    awesome shirt! i love kids shirts like that....the boys have tons!

    you have to come visit, so he can learn new trick from my two monkeys! for laughing at the tantrum, i did too. it's only wrong to laugh in front of him!!
    June said...
    Hello Lovely Moms! ...gorgeous grandson! I love his shirt as the fact that he wants to participate in the Guitar Hero thing - the piano is a plus as well. Wish I could have heard that pianist play a tune or two while I was visiting--I forgot to ask. The tantrum photo was funny. Making his way to your bed is a new trick, huh. I KNEW it wouldn't be long until he learned how to get there. He's a sweetie & I love him so much. Love reading the blog.xsabd
    JenniBeanV said...
    OMG....He is soooooo cute! Do you know how hard I hoped for a red headed baby? What a doll face!
    Anonymous said...
    if you think ben should be in his own bed {crib} and he wants to sleep with you guys. quess what- Ben rules!! he'll be bigger one day and will stop- enjoy it now but i would suggest getting a king side bed!!! By the way Amy just stopped coming in to bed!! LOVE

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