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Cost of two Red Sox tickets in the Grandstands along the third base line - $0
Cost of parking at train station - $5
Cost of subway fare to and from Fenway Park for one adult - $4
Cost of two Fenway Franks - $7.25
Cost of two Diet Cokes - $7.25
Cost of one tiny bottle of water - $4.25
Cost of personal cheese pizza - $6

Not too bad for a Tuesday night out for a family of three! Ben did great. We managed to sit through about 5 innings.. which isn't too shabby for a night game. We opted to take off mid-game after Ben had thrown his binky about 12 times, had more than a full hot dog by himself and more than half a pizza by himself on top of half of a bottle of diet coke (which he isn't usually allowed to have.. sorta like pizza and hot dogs.. but it was Fenway man.. ya gotta break the rules sometimes!!). He exchanged high-fives and "knuckles" with the slightly inebriated college-aged men who were sitting in front of us and cheered loudly while clapping excitedly when the crowd went nuts.

One of these days we'll be able to last until they sing Sweet Caroline.. but in the meantime, we're more than happy to take any unused tickets off of our friends/coworkers hands in exchange for a fairly cheap night out with Red Sox Nation!


  1. Snickollet said...
    Glad you guys had so much fun!
    June said...
    I enjoy reading about all the activities...especially viewing the pictures. I'm glad you had fun spending time with one another. I miss you all like crazy. Love you..

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