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I just don't get it (yes I do)... I skip blogging for a day here and there and my hit count (mom.. that means "number of readers") drops to a really embarassing level. You'd think that you guys want new information/stories/pictures all the time.. what about all of those old posts.. there's some funny crap that is archived away on this blog. I'm serious.. I'm sure if you take five minutes, you'll find something that will make you nose your milk.

(btw.. thanks Barb, for teaching me that phrase... I often nose a variety of drinks while re-reading my own blog!)

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  1. The Boy, Sagan said...
    I love your blog! My bestest friend from childhood (f) is also married to a woman named Jenn and has a baby boy named Ben! How funny is that?! They live in Maine. I will check back often, I love Ben's beautiful red hair. You have a beautiful family.

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