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Well... the good news for you non-idol-fans is that this season is nearing its end. the bad news is that i'm going to share my opinions about tonight's show...

I'm going to start with the David's.. i love you both.. David C is the best without a doubt and will have a great career as long as he doesn't have bowel surgery just after the competition like Bo Bice did. David A is very Disney.. but I still don't have a problem with him making it to the top 2 or even winning this thing.. American Idol is inherantly "Disney".

Now song choice... seriously David.. Duran Duran? You did great anyway and kicked booty on Baba O'Reilly.. so you're forgiven for reminding us that Duran Duran made the R&R Hall of Fame.

Other David..(A).. I think you should be on Drake and Josh next season.

Syesha.. you did well. I still find you somewhat forgettable although you continue to do much better than I expect.

Jason.... jason jason jason.. To be honest.. I didn't see that it was as bad as the judges said. I was glad you sang Marley, although I wish you sang Three Little Birds.. and you can't go wrong with Dylan if you're a folky-singer-songwriter type. I think the judges have just decided that you don't fit the mold. I don't like you as much as I like David Cook.. but I can definitely see hanging out at the beach with you playing the guitar and singing while we make s'mores over a campfire. Maybe that's not American Idol "material".. I'd still hang with you..

Sally.. (this is a question to a friend and not a recap of her performance last night).. I think I'm going to torture shiela and try watching So You Thing You Can Dance.. i'm not ready for the idol season to end this year.. idol has provided a nice mindless weekly detox night for me that is perfectly timed... I may never know all of the characters on Buffy.. but I'll give this a whirl!.. btw.. thanks for the shoes for Ben! They are great!

It's 9:10pm and Benjamin is still eating dinner.. is that bad?

I have some new pics.. they are uploading right now.. so check back soon for new fauxhawk tub shots and a picture of Ben smiling WITHOUT his bink.. I also have to brag about my awesome roadside "find" today.


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