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On my way in to work this morning I passed a family of Canadian Geese. I just love them. The babies were still yellow and were poking around in the tall grass while the parents were standing guard all proud and pleased (geez.. i have to stop watching Thomas the Tank Engine).

I found this video... it's boring as hell, but for anyone in their mid to late 30's with a biological clock and a love for animals/water fowl.. this may just bring tears to your eyes. most likely it was just lack of sleep for me and i'll look back and think "what the heck was i thinking.. this is dumb". I'm going to start carrying my camera (wait.. i already do).. If i had a Nikon d60, I'd carry that in a supersized fanny pack.

The best part of Canadian geese, aside from the fact that we seem to have a population here in Boston that doesn't ever leave.. is that they are vicious little suckers, but they are so darned cute that you just want to hug them (well.. maybe not.. ) The funniest thing EVER is seeing them trying to fly off the rooftop of a building.. they drop like a lead balloon for 10-20 feet before their wings "catch" and off they go. Not exactly graceful. The accompanying sound that they make is equally funny.

The reason I can't drop the subject today is because there is a goose on the roof above my office (a lightweight metal deck w/ just insulation and a membrane)-- am i a geek for knowing the construction of the roof above me? nah! Anyway.. from a sound isolation standpoint, I might as well be sitting on the roof and that Goose is honking away. I was trying to have a conversation on the phone earlier with a client and I kept laughing because of the honking.

Ok.. this may be the funniest thing I've ever seen... maybe it's the music from the Terminator.. maybe it's the extra Klonopin I took this morning when I was stressed. Now I'm mellow and finding humor in feces jokes... I need to find a middle ground!

This is what I've been listening to all morning:


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