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Without further ado... here is a picture of Stacey voting for the Davids after the idol show. It was her first voting experience... ever! (well.. on Idol.. i'm sure she's voted in like.. elections n stuff...)

After a nail-biting start to the show, which I watched with Ben sitting on my lap (he clapped for the david's and for one of the commercials, but not for Syesha..). My phone rang right after David C's first performance and it was Stacey with the "all clear" code (i.e. her in-laws had left and we were open for idol and ice cream night). I all but ran out the door.. tore out of the driveway and broke several traffic laws on the 3/4 mile drive from our house to hers.. I even got honked at when I was parking my car.. I was totally not breaking any laws at that point though.

Stacey had the ice cream machine going and the oreos crushed and ready to add as we watched the second round of performances. During a commercial break toward the end, we conducted a scientific assessment of the ice cream maker and determined that we would not end up with a solid frozen treat.. so we decided to go for cookies n cream milk shakes instead.. YUMMY! We hit the couch and watched the last few performances before I grabbed my phone. I voted once by txt and wasn't sure if it went through, so I started dialing. Stacey agreed.. we had to stand up for the David's.. if they both don't make it to the final round it will be because people like us didn't "war-dial" for 2 hours straight!

We both managed to get one vote in for each of the Davids. It was quite funny.. total silence in the living room except for the sound of faint busy signals from our cell phone speakers.. followed by the occational cheer when one of us got through. We decided that we were officially dorks.. but what the hay.. we were having fun!

Of course.. our rockin night ended by like 9:30 because I was half asleep and needed to make the long drive home. :) Wild times I tell ya... wild times.


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