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Benjamin was a cutie this morning. When I got him out of the car seat and put him down to walk in to school.. he went back to the car with his toy truck and put it inside the car before i closed the door. He knew that was his toy for home and not for school. I didn't have to say a word.

Last night I spent about an hour outside in shorts and a tshirt with no shoes on.. hosing down and scrubbing some outdoor play equipment that we got second hand for Ben. I had a horrible day, anxiety wise, and the physical work was welcomed. Coming in, I felt great and I slept wonderfully.

Both Davids made it to the Idol finals. That makes me happy.

Edited: Ok.. the fact that my mother AND mother-in-law read this was enough to make me delete my brief statement of TMI.. that little trivia bit from my history will remain a secret to anyone who didn't check my blog earlier today.


  1. moo said...
    Not weird. I remember everything about losing my virginity ... the thoughts I had, the date, the temperature. One of those momentous occasions you rarely lose.
    Giovanna said...
    1 RE: Edited.... I feel cheated!
    but reading the previous comment....hmmm, makes me wonder...
    2 I say you bring your guitar Wednesday night!
    The Kappels said... i wish i'd read it earlier! i too check your blog daily (but just don't follow the idol updates!), and now you have me hooked on snickollet's blog!

    come visit any time, we have space, beds, and toys....what more could you need??

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