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Growing up

Shortly after I started high school, my sister, Beck, made a comment to my mother. Something to the effect of "she's like.. a normal person..". (no comments from the peanut gallery regarding the "normal" part). What she meant was that she was seeing me as more of an equal.. not as her bratty kid sister. I was a freshman in high school when she was a senior. She was dating the lead sax player of the Jazz Band and I played trumpet and was "one of the gang".. it was a new position to be in. On our first major competition when the freshman initiations get a bit wild on the bus, her boyfriend's friend, Dan Bergman, stuck up for me and managed to get me out of the kissing contests (long story). Beck's boyfriend stuck up for my friend, Nicki, and she got out of it too.

My sister and I have always had a great relationship.. there was the sibling rivalries when we were kids.. but never anything serious.. just arguments over me being a pest or her not playing a game within the framework of my rules.

We're now both 30-somethings and over the past few years have grown closer than ever. I think part of it is because she's 97% compatible with my wife.. but again.. that's another story. Anyway.. she is one of the very few people in this world that I feel I can tell anything to.. actually.. she may be the only person aside from possibly my therapist.. but he doesn't count. I'm incredibly lucky.

She's going through some tough times and I am happy that she's been able to turn to me (and the Shiz) when she needs to rant, vent, or laugh. It's looking like the next month or so will be a bit hectic (if her life could have gotten any more hectic than it already was).. so I just wanted to ask all of my readers (all 6 of you.. including Beck.. that is, unless I post a pic of Snickollet's kids..).. to throw a positive thought in her direction (CT) to bring her a sense of peace while she's dealing with the proverbial $h!t hitting the fan.

We love you, Beck.


  1. moo said...
    It's great that you are so close with your sister! I adore my sister but I think I was too mean to her growing up and she's never really gotten over it ... plus, she thinks I'm controlling.

    Wonder where she got THAT idea from?

    (here's hoping your sister makes it through her mess with grace and sanity intact!)
    Giovanna said...
    Sending positive vibes to SIS!
    I dedicate this song to you & SIS:
    Who can say that I've been changed for the better? Because I knew you....I have been changed for good.
    Just that one line b/c the rest of the song is about .... estrangements of sorts...but I just love plugging Wicked.
    Snickollet said...
    Thinking of Beck and family . . .

    Looking forward to tomorrow night!!!
    S said...
    Consider me reader # 7 I guess. LOL.

    (though I wonder whether I am adding to or subtracting from her "issues")

    Someday is my favorite day of the week!

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