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awesome... just friggin awesome...

"oh my god.. i thought you sang twice..."

just awesome.

btw... David Cook is the man.. he had better not be in the bottom 2-3 tonite or I'm going to have to actually start voting!


  1. Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...
    David Cook IS the man. And how awesome was it that they sang Neil Diamond last night?? That was probably my favorite show all season - if not EVER - for AI.

    Oh, Paula.

    Paula, Paula, Paula.

    If her comment last night wasn't proof that the woman is on drugs, I really don't know what is. Charlie and I looked at each other we both said, "She didn't just say that. Please say she didn't just say that!"

    I'm not a voter either. I suspect that everyone who DOES vote knows who they should be voting for (which is to say, who I would be voting for, if I voted.) But if Jason Branch makes it through another week, I might have to pick up the phone.
    Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...
    OK, I meant to write CASTRO.

    Jason CASTRO.

    I can't believe he is safe. I'm watching it in CA right now and I think I'm going to toss cookies.
    Patti said...
    David Cook will never be in the bottom 3!!! I voted last weeks to insure that... although I spent 20 minutes dialing 1-888 instead of 1-866.

    By the way, your son is ADORABLE!!

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