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First of all.. who is it that coined the word "playdate". I mean seriously.. whatever happened to opening up the back door and yelling "be back by dinner" to the kids as they went out to explore the world? (um.. that was before MY time.. but I've seen it in movies..)

Anyway.. on Saturday we met up with our friend and her twins. The Twins, Maddie and Riley, go to daycare with the Jammer (a.k.a. Ben). As it turns out, their mom also knows just about every person that I've met outside of work since moving to Boston.. crazy. Anyway.. we thought it would be fun to bring the kids to this place where you can pick and paint pottery and they fire it for you after-the-fact. We had an absolute blast. The twins made their mom a nice big cereal bowl and Ben made us a treasure chest bank that we plan to use as our "idea jar" for free-time activities.

Here is a pic of Maddie putting the final touches on the lavender and yellow cereal bowl..

Here is Ben showing his artistic side..

The absolute highlight of the day was when Maddie and Riley went nuts stirring the water bowl.. The only thing cuter than this pic was seeing and hearing this in person...

Seriously... too cute for words...

Our only line of defense was the Bink. Ben has taken to eating everything he touches. He is particularly fond of dirt, rocks, homemade playdoh and paint!

It was a great morning. We capped it off by getting a cookie from the bakery down the block and with a nice long nap (for the kids at least...)


  1. Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...
    He is ADORABLE. Oh my gosh, he has grown in to such a cute little toddler. Isn't it incredible to see how they quickly transform from these itty bitty babies in to PEOPLE with opinions?!

    We, too, have found that the binky is a great plug. Whenever Henry has it in his mouth, he is much less likely to shove other items in.

    Although there are never any guarantees...
    moo said...
    Those are some SERIOUSLY cute photos!

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