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...and my beautiful little boy can morph from an angelic little blue-eyed prince into something out of Invasions of the Body Snatchers.

Here is a photo of a happy baby.

...still happy.

"did you just tell me NOT to TOUCH the lens?"

[meltdown ensues]

" &%#$%@% #$@% %#$@* " (<== baby cursing)


  1. June said...
    Jennifer: These are absolutely ADORABLE pictures of my grandson!!! I 'love' the baby cursing one... Thank you so much for sharing exciting moments - I miss so much of how he's growing but frequently seeing/reading the blog helps to keep me updated. Only 11 more days now!!!! Love you all very much - Jaaym
    Shiela said...
    right before the "baby cursing" ... did you note the "triangular eyebrows" ??? just like mommy :D

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