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At 8pm last night (Idol night), I was (this is tmi) sitting in the bathroom at a steak restaurant texting shiela telling her that we HAD to buy tivo because i was STILL working and was going to miss the ENTIRE show. I sent the message, put my work-face back on, and pretended that it wasn't like being stuck with flaming needles. (more on that later)

David A can really do no wrong.. he's just too cute for words. I have to say that I sort of agree about his eyes.. I had just started to get a bit irritated by how he always had his eyes half-shut when he was singing.. it just didn't seem natural.. or it didn't seem like it changed with the song.. and i can't imagine that one has the same feelings when they are sing "dancing queen" and "the theme from ice castles".. but i'm fairly sure that if you turned the audio off on those two performances (which haven't happened, but I surely think should, then you'd have a hard time telling which was which. That is, unless he wore his leather pants again. Still.. loved the song.. it didn't give me chills, but it was still good.

David Cook, if you haven't noticed yet.. is my favorite of the season. He can do no wrong. I thought his performance was brilliant. Not my classic "david with the les paul".. but still awesome. Definite chills when he hit the gravel ridden high note.. very nice. I would have liked it if he goth'd it up a bit and made it a bit more like manson's version of the eurithmics "sweet dreams".. but what do I know. At a minimum it needed a bit of a White Stripes feel. But it does show that he's well rounded because while that performance wouldn't have flown on broadway, it would have rocked the house in a high school musical.. (just kidding.. i love you david). Paula said he has a beautiful instrument. What more could be said?

As a quick aside: I'm watching these clips and blogging while sitting in the Orlando International Airport.. already peaved that I missed the earlier flight back to Boston that would have allowed me to hug my son before his bedtime.. *sniffle* To rub it in, there is the most annoying 8 year old girl sitting like 200 feet from me (i moved) and i can still hear her cranking about being bored and how her parents suck and her parents constant bickering trying to duct tape her mouth without it coming across as child abuse.

ok.. now back to idol...

now.. jason castro. jason.. seriously. please.. you should have just packed your bags and signed an independant contract after you sang Hallelujah. Memory? first of all.. this triggers all sorts of memories of my sister tormenting me when i was 10 years old and practicing this song for our chorus performance at school. I still haven't lived it down.. and I think that I actually outsang Jason this time around.. and I SUCK.

Carley Smithson. Hands down.. best of the night.. most improved of the night. absolutely great performance.. finally she dislodged the stick up her butt and actually performed instead of yelling at us with scary eyes.. loved it. Randy is a moron.

Can't wait to get home to watch the results show (all i can say after THIS trip is that my flight had BETTER arrive on time! i'm ready to be home!)


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