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So it's my blog, right? I should be able to change the rules as I please, right?

One of my taboo subjects is my work. I'm not dumb.. I don't even mention what I do on my blog let alone where I work, what my opinions are of my job and/or workplace and/or colleagues. Even if I'm having issues.. that is off limits. Can I bitch about my wife's job then? It's a conundrum. Logically I know that the rule applies to both of our jobs. It's just common sense. But WOW how I'd like to let off some steam at the moment.

Ok.. in other news.. I'm back from the grand ol' state of Kentucky. Had lots of fun, saw lots of livestock and even got stuck behind a pickup with a few goats in the back. Ben and I did great traveling together and I didn't lose it and start twitching in the corner once during the whole trip. I'm very proud of myself. I'll blog about the trip separately because I've got a ton of pics that I want to share.

More importantly (at the moment) is that Ramiele got voted off of American Idol last night. It had to happen.. it was sort of like ripping off a band-aid.. just do it quick and move on.

Speaking of ripping things off.. I had my legs waxed last week and already have plans with a girl I work with to go back to the spa in a month or so for another round... how's that for chick-bonding time outside of work.. "let's go get hair ripped out of our bodies together while listening to enya and trying not to have an asthma attack because of their beautiful incense. It's also impossible to go through any waxing experience without discussing the movie 40-year-old Virgin.. I haven't seen the movie, but I think I'll have to before I go again so I can at least laugh with them genuinely. Usually it's when we talk about guys coming in to get waxed because their wives are making them.. that's always a hoot of a discussion.

Ok.. as an aside.. ending a week by having hair ripped out of your body is a wonderful release for letting the stresses of the week (i.e. work) out of your system. You walk out feeling a little violated, but mostly free and energized (that would be the adrenaline).


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