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I'm not embarrassed to admit that I look forward to Tuesday nights with a level of anticipation that is hard to explain without sounding like a pre-teen. Tonight is Beatles night.. take 2. Last week sorta sucked.. but I'm hoping that this week is better. The first chick just sang and she scares me so I don't even know her name.. I usually like the rocker girls.. but not this time around. She doesn't scare me as much as Hillary, but it's a close call. (but that's for a different blog).

I have a few other stories/updates to blog about.. our first family dinner at the dinner table a few days ago.. complete with photos..

Ok.. no typing... idol is back on. cowgirl chick is on.. so I need to sip my diet coke to brace for this. as an aside.. i can't believe these people are so young/naive to be able to honestly say "i heard this song for the first time today..".. WHAT? it's the friggin beatles! ok.. i thought it had a shot because the arrangement was good.. but lord she was boring.

YAY.. it's my boy. David A. The Long and Winding Road.. good song. *hope* good job.. no chills, but he's back and he's here for the long run. i just wish he'd do whatever it is that gave me chills when he sang Imagine a few weeks ago.

Ryan Seacrest is such a geek.. I sorta like his hair. I told shiela that i was going to get a fauxhawk or go drastic with my hair and she expressed her opinion that she thought I'd have a nervous breakdown if I were to take away my security blanket (my hair).

Ok.. it's back on.. Michael Johns singing A day in the Life. .. already good.. this guy is going to go far.. i didn't like him much at first but he's growing on me like a chia pet.

It's 8:45 and Ben is still awake.

Ben is the other subject I need to blog about. He gets his ear tubes in two days.. and we see his neurologist next Thursday for our follow-up consult. The new info on the subject is that he's been flipping his eyes back and occasionally shivering. We talked to his pedi about it last night and we're now logging it and have daycare logging each "episode". Since last night at about 7 when we talked to his pedi, he has done it 14 times that we've seen. Shiela found some medical studies that link severe middle ear infections with ocular events (the eyes rolling) and even the shivering and freakishly.. events that mimic seizures and have even been labeled "complex partial seizure" which is what he had in February. There's no doubt in my mind that he had a full blown seizure in Feb.. but I'm hoping that these current episodes are related to his mega double ear infection that he's now on his second round of antibiotics for (just like what happened before his seizure). His surgery for his tubes is Thursday.

ok... back to idol. it's hippy chick. i like her.. i'm not sure if i like it .. maybe it's because i'm getting udgy.

Simon just said that the song was "wet".. huh?

David Cook is next.. he's one of my favs now.. i just need to get near his head with a set of clippers..

Ben is laughing in his room instead of sleeping.

ok.. david cook pulled out the talk box.. he gets extra points for potentially rattling his teeth out of his head... *clap* *clap* again.. you can't fault a guy with a les paul.

god i'm tired.. you hit 9pm and i'm useless. hey snick.. i may bring my jammies when we watch the show together next week. i promise i won't bring my laptop.

ok... i'm signing out.. i'll finish my editorial of the show tomorrow when I get to work.. like I'm supposed to. :)


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