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When Ben had his seizure, he was at daycare. When the paramedics arrived, they have a rule where in pediatric emergencies, they have 90 seconds to get an IV line going or they have to go in through the leg bone into the bone marrow. Being my child, and one seizing at that, they couldn't get the IV line quick enough, so they had to go to the leg. I've researched it and it's called Intraosseous Infusion.

According to Wikipedia, Intraosseous Infusion is defined as follows:
"Intraosseous infusion is the process of injection directly into the marrow of the bone. The needle is injected through the bone's hard cortex and into the soft marrow interior. Often the antero-medial aspect of the tibia is used as it lies just under the skin and can easily be palpated and located. Anterior aspect of the femur and the superior iliac crest are other sites that can be used.

This route of fluid and medication administration is an alternate one to the preferred IV route when the latter can't be established in a timely manner especially during pediatric emergencies. When IV access cannot be obtained in pediatric emergencies, intraosseous access is usually the next approach. It can be maintained for 24-48 hours, after which another route of access should be obtained. Intraosseous access is used less frequently in adult cases due to greater difficulty penetrating denser adult bone. "

Here is what a typical Infusion "gun" looks like:

Here is what a training "baby dummy" looks like:

Here is what a 14 month old's leg looks like a month and a half after he had it performed on him. He's got three puncture scars that are in a triangular shape.

I had assumed that the "gun" shot in three lines at once.. but from what I've read.. that's not the case.. so I guess they took three attempts to get it in the right spot. I guess the "good" news is that due to the seizure, he did not feel it and has no memory of that time. I do remember the pediatrician at the ER saying that the leg line wasn't great.. they already had it removed when I saw him and had gotten a standard IV line in each of his feet.


That's the true story of where he got his special tri-spot scar. What I've been telling people is that he was actually abducted by E.T. and they implanted a tracking chip in his leg. I like that story better. Especially since it seems that E.T. gave Ben walking lessons (he waddles and swings his arms over his head).


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