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If I tried to explain how I know Jim Burns, I'd probably lose everyone about halfway through the convoluted story that defined my college days. The long and short of it is that I met soulmate #1 on the internet in 93. I have trouble making friends in person.. it goes along with the whole "people scare me" thing and the fact that I have a slight twinkle of agoraphobia (hense the "people scare me" thing). Bill and I dated for about a year before I was officially introduced to the rest of his college friends. They all (most of them) went to school at the University of Delaware. I went to the University of Hartford. So while I still refer to these guys (and girls) as "my college friends" we actually never attended school together.

Anyway.. I got this email from Jim this morning (one of the "Jesters".. our little posse of people who were all mostly from various stages of geekdom, band dorks and theater nuts.. we all clicked.. well.. most of the time). Jim was one of the guys that always "got" me.. he wrote a poem once (i told you that we were all geeks) that was called "veil of melancholy" and it was basically about how I hid behind my hair.. i only wish that had pushed me to get counseling for the whole agoraphobia thing a decade earlier.

anyway... I've seen Jim a half dozen times since we graduated college and everyone went their separate ways (some of us at least). Over the years, Bill has kept me up to date on who is living where and some of the basics of everyone's life.

Anyway... (have I lost you all yet? or are you all confused how my soulmate #1 was a guy.. that's for another blog).

I guess Jim and some of the guys he's working with are putting on an internet tv production called "The League". It launches on April 1 officially, but they have a little teaser out now.. so I thought I'd link to it. Jim is the guy with the short hair.

Their site is The League

(for inquiring minds.. Shiela is Soulmate #2.. the numbers indicate chronological order only of course... and she is freakishly similar in personality to Bill.. weird. They like each other too which is even stranger.)

Btw.. Jeff.. if you read this.. send me a scan of the original Jesters gathering from the pool hall.. i'll post it..


  1. jimgoogley said...
    This blog is great! And so is The League. Ok, I'm Jim. But still...Thanks Jen!
    Anonymous said...
    and finally the jesters make it to your blog!! you couldn't ignore us forever!! =) tj
    Jen said...
    and they start to come out of the woodwork...

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