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Well.. while it may not seem like it, I HAVE been up to things other than updating the colors on my blog and playing Guitar Hero World Tour. I *HAVE* been a bit of a space cadet though.. so I haven't really been sharing many blog bonding moments with you all.

First of all.. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dan! We had a great time spending Christmas Eve and morning with you guys and hope we can do it again sometime. Maybe someday, we'll actually have a room for you and you won't have to camp out in the back yard!

Other stuff.. Benji has spent most of the holiday break from school either being sick with an ear infection (flared up on Christmas Day) or with a rogue virus or two. He also is on a sleep strike. I'm sure that it's because our daytime schedule is out of wack with him not having been to school for two weeks. I totally feel for his daycare providers next week.. he's going to be a bear! The good news is that his development seems to have made a huge jump.. maybe it was all the birthday cake!

He's saying all sorts of words now (like "stupid", "hola", "ru" (Ruth), "Mommy" (instead of just MaMa), "I eat it", "no nemo", "nemo no", "no nemo no", "nemo no nemo" (catching a trend?) and lots of "ohhh noooooo's".. very dramatic.

I'm doing well.. no major complaints. I've decided to go back to work full time. It is a tough pill to swallow, but given the economy and the fact that things were already really tight.. well.. I want to keep ahead of the gang. This coming Monday will be my first time back in about six months.. I should be one cranky mom on Sunday.. watch out!

The other mom is doing well.. she's tired. Two weeks of vacation will do that to you.

Oh well.. I had planned on sharing a few pics from my fancy dancy new camera, but I didn't bring the cable and my card reader can't handle the high capacity card.. doh.. so I'll have to do that later. I also have more things to finish with the blog layout (there's a surprise).. given that my home computers are crap, i may pull an all nighter with some system install and norton disks.. fun fun fun! That's how I roll...


  1. moo said...
    hello, darling ... loving the new look of the site. Glad Ben is doing so well and I'll be thinking of you as you head back to work FT.

    Happy New Year!
    donna said...
    hey Jen-- we realy had a great time sharing christmas eve and christmas morning with all of you!! it was great to be with june too--great times come out of all situations!! ben was an angel playing with his thomas the train set. he has a very good vocab too. get ready for all the "BAD WORDS" that he'll let everyone know not to say while being in the grocery store!! Hey 27 years with Dan AND he is still alive quite an accomplishment if i don't say so myself..and i DID enjoy sleeping under the christmas tree!! i saw santa too!! love to all
    Mommy Doodles said...
    hi! thanks for coming by my blog !! i will defiantly add you to the blog roll... realized after i posted they are updating their site - as soon as they are back up i will add you.
    i look forward to reading your blog!


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