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While we were waiting for the surgical coordinator at Ben's ENT appointment today, he was all set up in the waiting room with an elmo toy across his lap. he was jabbering away and pointing at the various buttons and switches (all that didn't work because the batteries had long since been depleted). Our conversation went something like this:

Ben points to red button
Me: "that's red"
Ben: "re"
Me: "yep.. red"
Ben points to green button
Me: "that's green"
Ben: "yeah.."
Me: "yep.. green"

Then Ben turns and looks at me with those big blue eyes and his curly red hair was all crazy half from bed-hair and half from his winter hat and he says to me:

"Mommy, I like lellow"

Clear as day.

The woman sitting across the room smiled politely and commented about how cute he was. I was still trying to not cry over the fact that he just told me that he likes lellow. Then the woman says, "How old is he." I respond, "just turned two." Then she asks, "When did he start talking?" I respond, "this past weekend."

She nosed her Dunkin' Donuts Coffee. I laughed and said "I'm serious.. before that he was saying "yeah", "no", "mama" and "all done".. now all of a sudden he's talking in sentences!"

She laughed and said "Thank god.. there is hope for my son.. he's almost two and just screams "no" and "all done". Yep... been there.

Then.. just to show her that a child doesn't change completely over a weekend, Ben grabs my arm to get my attention and says "lellow!" and then proceeds to throw a total fit over the fact that the elmo toy has no lellow buttons.

I'm going to write to the folks at Seseme Street.. how could they skip lellow?


  1. Anonymous said...
    Jen, first I have to say that I have never commented on a blog before! I really enjoy yours because we have so much in common! My husband and I are originally from Boston and our youngest boy was born on December 19,2006. We had such a hard time with our little one and his ear infections. He wasn't quite one when we had to do the tubes.
    But, what really got me today: Our boy wasn't a big talker either, lots of words but not much together. Our older two were speaking in paragraphs at this age! Anyway, in just the last week or 10 days he has become such a chatterbox! "I would like bresfast please" (breakfast) "I think my Daddy is at work today" and today's favorite..."It is knowing AND Raayyning outside!" (Snowing and raining!)

    So, please tell Ben that he has admirers in Western Mass that like lellow too! :-)

    Stay dry and best of luck with ear tubes round 2!
    mamom grande said...
    WHAT???? He said a sentence and you didn't call me??????
    donna said...
    what a wonderful way to start my day!!ben is really something!! i can't believe he's talking in sentences.. and i can't hold back my tears!! and how could seseme street skip the lellow button!!! lol
    misstj said...
    it's amazing how many toys leave out lellow... it's trev's favorite color (along with orange, black and white - in that order!).

    and yes, they do suddenly burst out in sentences and then stop, and then all of a sudden they NEVER shut up!!

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