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Ok.. I'm not really giving away much in the way of spoilers here.. but if you haven't read all four of Stephanie Meyers Twilight books, then you might want to think about whether to keep reading or not.

I started the series about a month ago. I raced through the first book in just days, but then have taken my time (and have refused to stay up past 11pm) while chugging through the second and third book. I started the 4th book on Sunday and it seems to have grabbed me more like the first book.

The problem.

The storyline. (this is where you should stop reading if you don't want to know too much)

A recurring theme in the 4th book has been the appearance of a child. Or children, I should say... some vampire, some not. There's lots of teenage angst about protecting these children from the vampires.. stuff that's pretty fluffy and not scary, but somewhat creapy just by the nature of throwing kids into the story. Well.. I just got to the part where Bella has realized that she's pregnant (yes.. with a vampire's child). All sorts of chaos is ensuing and while the story has me flipping pages quicker than I can read them, part of me has this sinking feeling that I really don't need to put myself through this. True.. they are just characters.. blah blah. But what good can come out of any of this when the story is about vampires. The child is growing inhumanly fast (in utero) and the cleaning lady said that it was morte.. not good things.

I should be able to take the storyline changes as any teenager would.. as this is indeed, a story written for the teenage audience. I haven't seen sex scenes skimmed over like this since the last time I read a Harlequin Romance when I was like 14.

So my question to you guys (at least those of you who have read the fourth book).. should i brace myself for some unpleasantries or am i worrying about nothing? Things where pregnancy goes bad and/or children die don't sit well for this wuss who dealt with infertility, a challenging premature delivery and some post partum depression to boot. I know that I'm going to finish the book.. I'm too vested in the characters.. but I really need to know if I should start drinking heavily or smoking at the same time.. or maybe both...

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  1. What A Card said...
    I'm going to answer your question, but with the caveat that it really will take a LOT of the "suspense" out of the first half to 2/3 of the book. So read on only if you want this!

    The book sucks, but you don't need to worry about child/parent death. That kind of takes some of the suspense out of the whole pregnancy thing, but I figured you needed that suspense gone :)

    Wasn't that sex ooky? I was completely disturbed by it, and I'm not easily disturbed. Yuck! I hate to think of a whole generation of girls screwed up by this book.

    So yes, brace yourself for some unpleasantries (there's some really gross stuff, and the disappointment of the story in general), but no one dies in childbirth. Actually, come to think of it, there's one off-screen mention of a mother dying in childbirth, but it's not a character you're invested in.

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