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Urgh.. is it flippin possible that I'm getting a cold? I have that weird tight/tickle feeling in my throat. I'm going to go gnaw on a lemon tree to get my vitamin C intake up to see if that helps.. urgh..

In other news.. two years ago at this time I was one sick puppy. I had been on bedrest for about 3 days and wasn't able to sit up for more than 2 to 3 minutes without feeling dizzy and generally like crap. My blood pressure was so high that I was also unable to sleep or even concentrate on a book or the TV. I was one grumpy camper. Little did I know that in just two days I would be meeting my little boy.

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  1. donna said...
    COUGH!!!? well, you are right on time. you have never missed a holiday (x-mas) without a cold.. maybe you should stay out of the malls and order your x-mas gifts fun!! LOVE you don't wait too long to get some meds!!

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