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I'm catching total hell for skipping a few days here in the blogosphere. Oops! It's really a long and boring story that includes me being tired/stressed/irritable and toss in some wacky weather and some PMS and I don't really think any of you would have wanted to read what I would have written over the past few days.. I've been cranky!

The good news.. just 9 more days until Benji's birthday and 15 more days until Christmas! YAY!

I have a few topics that I want to write about.. but alas.. I don't have time at the moment. Never fear.. I'll return to blogging 3 times a day!


  1. Giovanna Diaries said...
    hey missy. I thought of you and Snick today b/c I saw all these commercials for HSMusical2 at the North Shore Theatre. Do you think they will let us take shots there?
    PS I won. I hit the $25 mark.
    Anonymous said...
    its about time! I know you are busy/tired/stressed/irritable/pms/aand .cranky!! hey, tis the season!! nice to have you back!!
    do you know an easy way to get the cork out of a wine bottle without having to call your spouse for help and then having him laughing for 5 minutes?!!! lol

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