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Hope everyone is planning to enjoy that extra second that we get today.. I know that I, for one, have BIG plans.

I've made some changes to my blog to add some color. I need to get some more pics of Benji into the mix, but for the moment I'm just working on colors and functionality.. I'll add cuteness in later. It's a little girly for me, but I figure that some bright colors will do my readers good for the new year.. and I'm all about helping others. Totally.

I got a new camera.. I'm totally jazzed about it. Lots of my family gave me cash for Christmas this year and it totally adds up... totally. I got the point and shoot that I've been eyeing for a few months and have been taking photos of carpet fuzz and car keys and stuff. I have tomorrow off of work, so I'll hopefully get some good photos taken of Benjamin to start the new year off right.

Oh well.. my work decided not to spring for the lunch that they have always provided on New Years Eve.. so I'm lunchless and it's snowing and the wife has the minivan.. so I'm out of luck. I'm going to end 2008 with a bang and leave work early.. I know how to party like it's 1999.


  1. Beck said...
    Funny. Adam loves the mood ring you guys gave Ashley for Christmas...why is it turning blue...what happens if i get come it's blue....clearly this is a hit with him even though he can't keep it on his finger. Although it DOES spin very very well- so when he whips it across the room- it looks AWESOME..... now--what if you are sad? LOL HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Enjoy the camera. Benny left his thomas train in my room...LOL Now I get to play too!
    Giovanna Diaries said...
    Ok. Are you suffering from blog background identity crisis? BBIC? I think you need a background stylist.

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