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You'd have to pay VERY close attention to have any clue what I've been up to this week. I've been a horrible blogger.. which you all have obviously seen. I just haven't felt like it. I also have been quite busy both at work and at home.

Well.. busy isn't the right word. I've been reading the Twilight series. I finished the first book in a whirlwind 3 days where i just threw breadcrumbs at ben and hoped for a good rain to give him a nice shower. I took a night off and then started in on the second book. I've been much more disciplined this time around.. I let myself read in the car while we're waiting for Shiela's train, or in the evening after Ben goes to bed.. and during my lunch at work. I also am refusing to stay up until 1am each night. As a result, this book is slower going.. I'm only about halfway through and I feel a bit more sane.

Since I haven't felt like blogging, above and beyond leaving enough of a post to qualify for meeting my NaBloPoMo requirements.. there have been a number of cute things that Ben has done that I haven't blogged about.

The theme is "Almost 2"


  1. What A Card said...
    Oh my, you committed the cardinal sin of non-matching PJ top and bottom! I've been yelling at TK about that for 3.5 years! It's about the only parenting thing I'm weird about.

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, okay, that's a big lie. It's one of the many things.

    Anyway, we have the same Dino PJ's lil' cutie patootie is wearing. Love the pictures!
    donna said...
    sooo cute!! ben with the vac reminded me of you when you were his age and i had a carpet sweeper (in the good old days) that you would sit on while i swept the carpet...and never wanted me to stop!! beck would take her ride after you because you would always beat her to it. ben did a good job of climbing on auntie becks' radiator too!! lol
    beck said...
    When did he climb on the radiator? Is that my fridge?? He is SO CUTE..!! So funny about the book, Jen. I ahm 3/4s of the way through book FOUR. I'm tired of reading I have to say- 4 books average 600 pages per book (btw book 4 is over 700 pages)....yawn...I almost had to cancel reason to watch- too busy reading.

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