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Ok.. This isn't a political blog. I hate debating (or opening myself up to debates) on a few subjects.. politics and religion top the list. I enjoy having discussions about said topics, but I dread things getting confrontational.. even if it's supposed to be "all in good fun".

So.. although I'm sure you're all disappointed.. I'm not going to ramble on and on about my political views, which are just about as wacked and convoluted as my religious views. I have trouble taking sides.. I tend to vote based on the issues and not based on the party affiliation. Go figure.

All that aside, I just can't help but sit in amazement of Sarah Palin's ride to the VP spot. I absolutely LOVE this. This isn't anything new, but I found this FICTIONAL Sarah Palin Quote Generator.. I just can't get enough. It cracks me up.

Tonight she will head off against Biden in the one and only VP debate. I'm practically giddy.


  1. Snickollet said...
    Check it out: I'm watching the debate tonight with two of my EXTREMELY liberal girlfriends and my dad: A McCain/Palin supporter. Oh, also, the girlfriends and I drink wine, my dad doesn't drink.

    It's gonna be an interesting evening.

    Oh, and check this out:
    Anonymous said...
    sarah palin is a cheerleader and a winker -- there is no place for her in this political areana. i was all excited about the debate too! looked forward to it all day on the flight back to ky. dan wasn't interested in it but had to suffer though my yelling at the t.v. love

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