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Over the years, I've come to the conclusion that the medical world really needs to buckle down and figure out the human brain. I want to be able to bring my son to a pediatric office visit where they can do a quick retinal scan and print out a list of areas this misfire and the reasons why and then he gets one shot and it fixes whatever ails him.

Is that too much to ask?

I hinted in the post below about something happening at daycare. It may have been nothing.. but my lord.. my hair is turning a wacky shade of gray.

Anyway.. as we were getting to daycare, some of ben's friends were just arriving as well. the three kids headed into the main door and the other mom and i went to follow. there are a few steps down between the outer door and the inside door. ben stopped at the top step and looked down. from behind him, it looked like he was debating the safety of the stairs and was a bit unsure of himself. this isn't a big deal.. i reached out for his hand.

he held my hand, but had a combination of losing his balance and trying to assert some independence at the same time and ended up losing his balance and falling on his bum. the fall, in and of itself, was nothing.. he falls like that 20+ times a day or more. he did knock his head on the doorframe, but it more surprised him than hurt him. i picked him up to give him hugs and took my time saying goodbye to him. he was acting fine and doodlebugged his way into the kitchen with the other kids.

one of the providers was standing at the inside door when the kids were coming down the stairs. she came right over to me while i was holding ben, and told me that prior to him falling, his right eye looked like it was turned way inward. He looked fine by that point, but it was clearly enough to send my worry-train-brain into hyperdrive.



  1. Snickollet said...
    Ugh. There's always something to worry about . . .

    Was that Ruth who noticed that, or Irene?
    Jen said...
    snick.. it was irene. we had them on "eye flipping watch" in the spring when the seizures started.. ben was having 20+ episodes a day where both of his eyes would flip up and back. We had LF keeping a journal of it at one point. That stopped after he had his ear tube surgery.. the ENT thought that he might have had a crack in the bone that separates the middle ear from the brain. we had hoped that this was the cause of the eye flipping AND the seizures.. and the eye flipping stopped with the surgery.. the seizures, as we know.. are still hanging on. urgh!

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