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Ok.. pictures will be forth-coming.. but I just had to blog about this before I head out to the hardware store...

We have had a slight feeling that we may have a small little visitor in our kitchen lately.. a little mousie.. "Jerry". We hadn't seen him, but one of the cats has been camped out in front of the stove for a few weeks. Of course.. this is the dumb cat and he's been known to stalk dust bunnies.

This morning we went to a Spanish story time at our local library with some friends for a playdate and had a blast. I didn't understand a damned thing, but the kids loved it and I think shiela understood a few of the songs. They had a few songs that Ben has on his mariachi mix cd (yes... it's a favorite in the TMAAB house!).. it was quite the event! of course, it was dangerously close to nap time and ben was mysteriously allergic to something in the room and got major itchy eyes.. so we had to leave a little before it was over. All in all we had a blast though and totally plan on attending the next one. I'll have to remember to tell our daycare provider about it so that the other kids at Ben's school know about it.

Anywho.. we got home and Ben crashed. While I was "putting the baby to bed" (i.e. laying in our bed watching an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine), Shiela decided to do some investigating in the kitchen.

Shortly after Ben went to sleep.. she comes into the bedroom laughing telling me that I have to come and see something. Walking into the kitchen, she's got the microwave pulled out. There is a teeny tiny hole that has been chewed through the spot where the wall meets the cabinet in the back corner behind where the microwave sits. Little Jerry has been visiting through there and luckily has only made it into one of the many cabinets in the kitchen. This is if we go by the little "breadcrumbs" that Jerry has left in his wake. Shiela has now thrown half of the kitchen away and the rest is sitting in bleach.

I have to run out to the hardware store to pick up some no-kill mouse traps. I think we still have the gerbil tank in the basement along with some of Georgie's old toy's.. I wonder if Shiela will let me keep Jerry...

(I say this.. but I would be the first one on a chair and yelping if I actually saw the little guy.. Nanook (cat) is going to get some special food for staking out the kitchen and keeping us safe!)


  1. Giovanna Diaries said...
    Our old house in NY (and I mean was over 150 years old) had a case of mice visitors. Thank goodness for my cat! He caught and killed the 3 little guys. After that....we never had another visitor. Cats rule!
    What A Card said...
    Plug the hole with steel wool. It'll keep the mouse from coming back in. Or from letting it's 10,000 relatives know about your tricked out digs.
    Beck said...
    i ignored my mouse
    and i may not have heard him in the last two weeks.
    maybe shizz should come scope out my kitchen for the little monster.
    a. if i find it
    b. i will not try to keep it
    c. i hope the cat gets it first
    d. and i hope THAT is outside
    e. and that he leaves it for a neighbor
    i honestly can't take any more carcasses.....

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