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If one more person walks into my "office" to say "hello".. scaring the holy hell out of me and adding to my grey hair count.. I'm going to go to Home Depot and pick up some supplies to build walls around my "office".... complete with a door. I don't think that a simple knock on my cubicle partition is too much to ask.. you don't have to wait for me to say "come in" or any other such nonsense.. just give me a heads up that you're barreling into my space.



I almost screamed once.

I'm mainly writing this for the wife.. who called me about an hour ago to ask me to update my blog because she needed something to do at work. It seems the poor thing has picked up the plague and spent this morning puking, shivering, and walking around the house half-naked trying to find the clean laundry basket with her favorite clothes in it. Shiel.. when you read this.. remember that you told me an HOUR AGO that you were wrapping things up so you could go home and be mopey there.. right?

Ok.. so the subject line.. "A-day" to a "C-". The story behind the term "A-day" is long.. I'll share it at some point.. maybe with a photo of myself when I was in 4th grade. The reader's digest version is that, like giving letter grades to rank the quality of a day.. an "A-day" is good.. a "C-" is a grade that makes me twitch.

Yesterday was awesome. Ben and I spent the first real "Mom doesn't have to work on Mondays" day together all month. I've worked 2 of the 4 Mondays so far and one of them was a holiday, so no one worked. Yesterday was a good day.

We spent the morning doing some chores, like getting the car's oil changed, and having a treat (we stopped at Dunkin' for a munchin') and then some good old fashioned time at the park. The one sad part of the day was that when we got to the park, Ben remembered that we had been there just the day before and that Shiela had been shooting hoops. He shot out of the car and ran to the basketball court and stopped short in his tracks when he saw that his Mamom wasn't there. He just crumbled. I thought for sure that he had pinched his finger on the gate or something.. it took a minute to realize that the "ma-MAAAaaaa" he was saying was in reference to Shiela not being there and not asking me for something. oops! He was upset that Shiela wasn't there, and it was cuter than cute, but after a few hugs and kisses, he realized that the slides were right there and off he went.

Both Ben and I had a nice 3 hour nap.. *laff*

The afternoon was spent hanging out over at B's daycare. They were having a combo birthday party for some of the little kids (3 kids turning 1 this week!). It was a blast.. Ruth made homemade tamales and the kids all had cupcakes. It was nice spending time just sitting and relaxing (once Ben started to believe me when I said that I was staying). We headed from school over to pick Shiela up before doing some grocery shopping.

You know you're having a good day when grocery shopping with a 2 year old is actually enjoyable. Here are some pictures that I took with my cell phone.

Ben was in a great mood.. we were in a great mood. We also got to laugh at my sister's attempts to catch her little Jerry.. (beck.. come up for dinner and you can borrow our REAL mousetrap!)

It was a good day. An A-day.

Today, in contrast, has sucked wind.

Shiela woke up this morning with a pukefest. That's never fun. It was also pouring and cold out. No fun. We all have to work (and go to school).. no fun.

Then.. to top it all off.. I've had no less than 7 coworkers scare the heck out of me by jumping into my office unannounced.. Where's that mousetrap when I need it?


  1. Snickollet said...
    Ugh, sorry about the shift from A to C-. And Shiela: feel better!!!

    I'm glad to hear that you guys are IN for the farm trip. We'll have to coordinate about driving up in a caravan on Saturday AM.

    Shiel said...
    Giovanna Diaries said...
    I'm assuming if you join in on the pukefest it will be an F-day!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!
    June said...
    I enjoyed seeing my grandson!! Thanks for the photos of the grocery shopping trip. Shiela, sorry to know you are sick... are you sicker than you've ever been? myself? The farm trip - that sounds nice. Love all of you!!!
    Anonymous said...
    sorry to hear that shiela was sick--was that the same day that i sent her the text about that free taco?? sooo sorry!!. and where did bens' curls go what a handsome man!! love

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