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Happy Halloween!

I'm sitting at work scarfing down smarties and M&Ms.. ahh.. all holidays should be about satanic rituals and candy..

I've got about 2 more hours at work before it's PARTY TIME. I'm going to see if I can dig up a photo of myself on Halloween in 2006, when I was pregnant. That was one of my best costumes.. the baby bump really made the whole thing snap. Shiela had never gotten dressed up for halloween before, so we went all out and bought the makeup to make fake wounds and bruises.. it was great. We looked horrible. We then went to a party where everyone was wearing cute outfits that were very fashionable and there we are.. aside from the dude with his brain in a jar.. we were the only gross ones there..

This year is a bit more tame. We're not into scaring 22 month olds.. at least not intentionally. Ben is dressed up as superman and BOY is he cute. Shiela is out with him now stopping in at her work and his daycare and possibly doing some trick or treating in some of the stores in Lexington where they have an afternoon program for the younger kids. She's got the camera and there will be hell to pay if I find out that she hasn't been snapping a few dozen pictures per minute.

Tomorrow we will be heading to New Hampshire to a farm where we'll be hanging out with some good friends and some new friends and the kids will have the chance to milk a cow (or scream), make butter (or scream), pick eggs (or scream).. we'll see how the whole nature thing goes. Ben is pretty good about loving animals and being outside.. so my guess is that we'll have a blast. The best part (aside from the square dancing) is that the guest rooms don't have telephones and cell service is spotty! YAY! We may never come home.. *laff*

Even better (and slightly more challenging..) is that NoBloPoMo starts tomorrow, November 1. I'm going to do my best to take part and I have to say that the month starting on a Saturday where we're going away to a place with no phones makes it a bit challenging to meet the blog-a-day requirements. I did see on the farm's website (farms shouldn't have websites.. the next thing you know, the cows will have bluetooth headsets on.. talk about Happy Cows!).. anyway.. I saw that they have wireless internet access. I may bring my laptop, but I don't want to risk messing up my first NoBloPoMo by being in no-man's-land. Therefore, I will be blogging either sometime after midnight tonight or very early early early tomorrow morning before we head out.

Good times... good times.


  1. Giovanna Diaries said...
    I'm praying for you Halloween participants!
    What A Card said...
    Dude, you're allowed to pre-schedule posts. That's totally not cheating!

    I'll be happily prescheduling some of my Thanksgiving-era post when my internet/computer access will be spotty.
    misstj said...
    very cute costume!
    Anonymous said...
    what a handsome man!! do take a lot of pics at the farm. enjoy!! lol
    S said...
    Superman.........very nice.

    "Northern" approval. LOL

    Hope all is well in Arlington.


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