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I took this picture last weekend during a playdate that Ben had with a few of his friends. Later.. looking over my photos.. this one caught my eye. When I look at this picture.. I see a little boy. Not my toddler.. not my chubby infant.. not my stringbean preemie.. a little boy. He reminds me of my nephew, Adam.. not sure what it is about his expression in this photo.. but it's definitely Adam. I'm going to have to look over my photos of my nephew to find one to compare the two.

Of course.. this, and many other "big changes" have been a reminder that our little man is growing up. QUICKLY. It is so hard to reconcile the fact that he's ALMOST two years old with the feeling that he's been in our lives forever. The two don't match.

Shiela and I are tired. Without a question. Shiela and I recently celebrated the 8 year mark of the day we met online. That, in combination with the fact that today is 9/11.. another year past.. is a stark reminder to how fragile and short life is. We spent 4 years trying to have a baby.. it felt like a lifetime. That baby has been in our lives, in utero then in person, for almost 3 years. 3 years that have passed in the blink of an eye.

Or maybe it's because we're so tired.


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