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Ok.. this would piss me off regardless.. but I think it pisses me off MORE because my parents live in this backwards state (oh wait.. that comment is going to get me slammed by my ever-so-loyal Kentucky reader-base.. not).

Just yesterday I was talking to Shiela about my blog and was saying that "I don't have a hook".. she laughed and said "of course you do.. the gay thing.. it sort of grabs people's attention". The thing is.. i FORGET about it. Yeah.. I named the blog "Two Moms and a Baby".. it was a gimic and i admit that. On a day to day basis.. it honestly doesn't cross my mind that I'm gay or that I'm in a same-sex marriage or that my wife and i have a child. I also do not consider that beautiful little boy to be more "mine" than "hers" because I gave birth to him. If anything, my pregnancy and childbirth, not to mention the 4 years of infertility treatments, was harder on Shiela than it was on me. Add to it that she stepped up and took care of BOTH of us for the first 4ish months while I struggled with Post Partum Depression and I think that ANYONE who even has the audacity to believe that we're both not Benjamin's parents should be shot and quartered (isn't that what they call it in Kentucky?). Geez.

Anyway.. my comment about not having a "hook" was funny because I don't consider my blog to be a "gay parenting blog".. it's just a "mom blog". I am somewhat sheltered, living in Massachusetts, where we can not only be legally married, but where my wife's name was, by law, included on Benjamin's birth certificate. Ok.. I'm going to post this and then run to change my comment moderation settings so that I don't get hammered by Sarah Palin supporters.

Read this article..

Kentucky Forbids Same-Sex Stepparents

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  1. Anonymous said...
    the kentuckians praise their lord all the time but there is a big difference in praising their lord and living by gods' rule which is to love everybody regardless. if they did they wouldn't be so backwards!!! they have no idea how to live. love to my daughter and daughter-in-law and grandson

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