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As I've mentioned before, we are of the full-disclosure opinion when it comes to how to raise a child who was conceived with a little help from friends. Well, that's not our story.. but I felt the need to throw in some lyrics for some reason.. I guess I'm feeling all Moulin Rouge this morning after crashing the car again.

Anyway.. last night we were on our way to dinner with my mom, sisters and my niece and nephew. My nephew is 8 and he came in our car with us. We're way cooler that his mom. The drive to the restaurant (when I'm not crashing into things) is only about 10 minutes). Like a typical 8 year old (at least in our family), he talked the whole way. At one point he was talking about/to Ben and said something about "ben will never have a father.." Shiela picked up on it quicker than I did. She did a quiet half-head-turn and said "of course he does, sweetie.. all people have both a mother and a father." He said "really?". I said "yes.. we don't know his name, but he wanted to help families like ours". He said "oh.. I didn't know that". And that was that.. he launched into another discussion about Nerf dart launchers.

Children are amazing. (btw.. beck.. forgot to tell you about this before we left.. so heads-up.. you may get a question or two.. *grin*)


  1. June said...
    The two of you have GOT to be THE BEST parents in the country. I admire both of 'my girls' in that you tend to explain things so well, & at the appropriate time. I'm amazed ya'll can respond to questions so quickly & it all fits. Shiela, that was a very good response to Adam's question. I admire the two of you soooo much!
    Beck said...
    Thanks for the you are way cooler than his mom's interesting the things he comes out with.
    moo said...
    OK wait ... when did you get in a accident? What the heck did I miss? I swear, this pregnancy is making EVERYTHING fuzzy.

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