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Hi guys..

I just have time for a quick update. I'll try to log on later to fill in some of the details. On Sunday afternoon, Ben had another seizure. We knew it was coming and also knew there was nothing we could do to stop it (not a fun feeling as a parent). This time around it was fever related with his temp spiking to 104 degrees shortly before the seizure. After about 3 minutes we called 911 and at the 5 minute mark we gave him the meds from his seizure kit. The seizure stopped within seconds of receiving that medication (thank god for valium).

We spent the evening at Children's Hospital in Boston (i hate that place and love it at the same time.. I guess I love the doctors/nurses and knowing that such a wonderful place like that not only exists, but is so close to us.. i hate having to go there with our beautiful son).

Sunday night through this morning was very difficult on all (moms and Ben). Ben seems to be doing much better and is at daycare this afternoon. We have more tests to be done and more doctors visits in the coming week or two.. but for now we're just enjoying his eyes being bright again.


  1. Snickollet said...
    R. told me this morning--I've been thinking about you guys all day.

    So sorry you had to spend time at Children's, but I'm glad Ben seems to be himself again.

    Do you need anything? Can I bring you dinner tonight? Ice cream? Do you want to meet up at the park? Give me a call and let me know.
    moo said...
    oh, how horrible for you guys.

    I'm hoping that everyone is okay ... I know I am very far away, but you are in my thoughts. Let me know if there's anything I can do.
    June said...
    So sorry to hear my little 'angel boy' has had yet another seizure...having seen my brother & nephew having such, I can only imagine what the experience is like...not comforting knowing that you can do absolutely NOTHING except give the meds & get to a hospital. My heart & thoughts are with all of you. I know you are both drained of any energy, but I'm so thankful you had the meds handy. My gosh! I hope he eventually outgrows these episodes. My brother/nephew did. Love you ALL!!!

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