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My hit count has been down right shameful over the past few weeks. As a result, I have only one option.. to post pictures of Ben playing with Snickollet's kids. It's a sure fire way to get my blog flooded with visitors!

The kids had a wonderful time of swimming and playing with balloons. Here is a cutie picture of Riley.

I didn't have as much luck getting pictures of Maddie.. here is an example.. I can't tell you how many pics of the kids that I have where the balloon floated RIGHT in front of their faces as I was snapping the picture. I did snag Snick in this one though! BWA-HA-HA..

Here's my little man...


  1. Snickollet said...
    Our kids are so cute :).
    What A Card said...
    Your kids (collectively, all three kids) are so cute!
    Giovanna said...
    That is hysterical!
    Now that I went "un-private" I'm crossing my fingers I get linked too!

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