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Ok.. I don't know whether to be mortified or not. I think the answer to this one is a resounding "YES".

It's bad enough that I get doctors and nurses at local emergency rooms saying "oh.. hi.. I've taken care of you before, right?".. but when Ben was at Children's last week one of the nurses took one look at him and said "oh.. i remember you!"


ok.. so I just called my pharmacy to get some refills on my regular meds. No biggie, right? It's over THE PHONE. After I give my list of meds and the woman gets the info into the computer and says "they should be ready in 20 minutes" (which translates into "don't come for at least an hour...")... then she says. get this. ready? "how's the baby?"

How's the baby?

I said.. "um... what?"

She then went on to say "Ben.. the little redhead.. didn't he have a seizure?"

Well JE-SUS..

Ok.. So part of me wants to get a new pharmacy because I'm just creeped out that people know who we are.. but part of me knows that some people like that "ye olde towne" approach to customer service. I like anonymity. If you know me.. pretend you don't and everything will be right in my world.

Ok.. so i'm kidding a LITTLE.

It's not like we live in Shelbyville, KY (not to single a location out or anything).. there are more than 40,000 people on this 5 square mile postage stamp of a suburb outside of boston.. I'm sure, based on the chaos that occurs daily at this pharmacy's parking lot, that at least half of the town uses the same pharmacy. I don't stick out THAT much.

RIGHT?! (remember.. just pretend that you don't know me.) i'm gonna go pick up my kid.

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  1. moo said...
    It's probably because he's so gorgeous and has that memorable head of red hair ... he's always going to be the Kid You Remember.

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