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Ok.. so I'm currently battling with the wireless connection on my laptop at home and my challenge of uploading photos to flickr. URGH. I *STILL* do not have all of my pics updated, but I have managed to get a few more up that I wanted to share.

Here is THE picture of me.. your faithful blogger.. on a teeter-tooter. The following day I spent laying on my back after pulling lord knows what muscle.

Ben at the farm

Ben had a great time at the farm. We actually went again this past weekend.. but alas, those pictures haven't uploaded yet.. so these pics are still from last week.

Between running toward the nearest road..

and throwing wood chips..

Ben needed to be carried to the car.. this was almost as fun as the train ride!

Here is a picture of Ben with one of the goats. Look how peaceful and nice this goat looks. This was from our first trip to the farm. This past weekend was a different story.. the dumb thing sneezed all over my back.. grossest thing EVER.

This goat was also very nice.. luckily.. otherwise we'd have a son without a nose. I was torn between pulling Ben away from the goat and trying to catch it on film. The goat was going for ben's Binky. THAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN THE WAY TO STOP THE BINKY MADNESS!!!

Changing subjects comPLETELY; Here is a pic of Ben at the pediatrician's office on Friday with his Elmo sticker on his belly. He ended up wearing it on his belly all day because we forgot about it after putting his shirt on after his shot.

This is a blackmail shot for later in life; edited for television. The funny thing was that this was over at a friend's house with boy/girl twins.. post swimming when all three kids were walking around naked. They will be mortified when they are older and find out that they had a whole discussion about who had a p.en!s (sorry for the code.. i'm taking the lead from another friend who was wise enough to duck hits from pervs at google.. of course, i'll probably get hits for having the word perv in the post).

The next two pictures are from a year ago today... I can't believe how our little boy has grown! Last year at this time he was just starting on rice cereal and yesterday he polished off an avocado and a corn and black bean wrap..

This last pic was taken by Shiela's mom. Our cats love each other.. they just pretend to hate one another when we're home.


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