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I'm going on a date tonight. Alone... with my wife. Just us.

We've got a babysitter coming over at 9pm (after Ben goes to bed... we don't want to be TOO wild and crazy) and we're going to the movie's to see Night's new movie "The Happening". It's gotten mixed review, but so have his last two movies.. and I enjoyed them both.. albeit not as much as "The Sixth Sense" or "Signs". He really can do no wrong in my book (aside from "Unbreakable" which was unwatchable).. don't get me started on how many scenes in his movies are directly related in some way to classic Speilberg movies. Anyone who can find a way to integrate a mirror representation of a scene from both Poltergeist and Jaws into a movie is top notch in my book.



  1. Snickollet said...
    Have a great date! Is your babysitter the person I think it is? She's awesome.
    moo said...
    Have a great time!
    Anonymous said...
    you should be going out once a month it's a STATE LAW - lots of love

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