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So... as I mentioned on Friday, my temporary crown popped off when I took my first bite into a chocolate chip bagel from Panera (that's what I get for getting a chocolate chip bagel). instead of dealing with trying to get into the dentist two weekends in a row, i opted for the quick fix of using fixodent to stick the stupid thing in its place and took it and put it in a plastic baggie when i had it out ("redneck mode"). I actually went most of the day saturday without it.

On Sunday morning, Stacey and the kids were coming over for bagels/coffee and I was looking for my tooth (i'm SO not kidding).. it wasn't where i put it. I had put the plastic baggie on a high shelf in the kitchen where the pots and pans are so that it would "be safe". Of course.. my wife knows me all too well and I leave wrappers and little bits of this and that around after me.. like a trail of breadcrumbs.. they are just signs of my love.. or laziness. Anyway.. this time around she grabbed the bag and assumed it was trash and tossed it.

I'm. not. kidding.

So there we were on Sunday morning, about 10 minutes before our company was supposed to be arriving and we're picking through the take-out mexican food that was in the trash looking for a plastic baggie with a tiny little fake tooth in it.

we found it... or should I say. Shiela found it. She gets all the credit for doing 95% of the dirty work in the trash.. but I helped a little.. :)


  1. moo said...
    Wonder who thought it was "garbage" to begin with? I'm just tickled by the idea of it.

    But I will NOT admit to carefully sorting bills from junk mail ... and then throwing out the bills. NOPE! You didn't see me do that earlier today!
    Anonymous said...
    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA....i can't breathe...

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